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  • Wed 05 September 2018
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How to Make Meetings Work!

UPDATED: 12 Oct 2020 Here's my mindmap on the very helpful book "How To Make Meetings Work!" by David Straus and Michael Doyle. Click the image to open a mind map hosted on the XMind website. Or save the image as a file on your local disk. Steps to a …

  • Tue 14 August 2018
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Lisbon 2018

I had never been to Portugal before this travel. I knew little about the country, and had no clue what to expect. As a result, my expectations were easily exceeded. I really liked what I saw and experienced there: places, nature, local food, and people! In this post, I'll share …

  • Tue 20 February 2018
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Avoid pie charts

Pie charts are overly popular and widely used in the business world. However, as Stephen Few puts it in his book “Show me the numbers”, this kind of graphs is not efficient communication tool. He jokes that the author of pie charts, William Playfair, was probably under the weather when …

  • Wed 27 December 2017
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Publish Gantt chart from OmniPlan into Confluence

As many of us would agree, a project manager is responsible for a realistic project schedule. And Gantt chart is a tool that allows PMs to manage schedule in addition to coordinating a team's work. However, here's the challenge I encountered in my work: only PMs are the ones who …

PMP Exam Prep by Rita Mulcahy

Below is my summary on the "PMP Exam Prep - Eight Edition" book by Rita Mulcahy. I didn't read this book to pass the exam (still in my plans). I read it to understand the principles of the Project Management. And it helped a lot. Project Management Process Project life cycle …

  • Thu 29 December 2016
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My 2016 Annual Review

This is my attempt to reflect on events of the year 2016. For that, I'll answer three questions: What went well this year? What could have been done better? What am I working toward? This is a format I decided to use being inspired by the annual reviews by James …

  • Thu 03 November 2016
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Pairwise testing

Problem: Imagine you're a managing a project where the constraints like scope, time, cost, and quality have been already negotiated and approved. At some point before the project start, it turns out that a customer wants to change the scope so that a number of test combinations goes significantly up …

  • Wed 19 October 2016
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Against multitasking

Multitasking is a feature of the microprocessor not a human's. In the world surrounded by computer technologies, multitasking is something quite natural. Opening multiple tabs with different resources in a browser. Chatting with several people at a time. Sending an email when on a web conference call. Does it sound …

  • Sun 02 October 2016
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My website: why and how

In this post, I'm going to describe why and how I built my personal website. I'll begin with why. Here are several reasons that motivated me in the first place. Improving my writing English skill Enhancing communication Writing about what I've learned should help me understand it better Showing my …

  • Wed 22 June 2016
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Principles of PM: Project Execute and Finish Phases

My summary of the module 4 of the course "Principles of Project Management". The Execute – or doing – phase overview Basically the Execute phase of the project’s life cycle is where the Project Management Plan is put into action. 18 of 42 PMBoK processes fall into the two process groups …