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  • Tue 04 January 2022
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On Goal Setting

There are several problems with goal setting, especially when it comes to material accomplishments. First, we mistakenly assume that achieving a particular goal will make us happier, once and for all. But, on the contrary, happiness level returns to normal not long after attaining the desired thing. Second, we choose …

  • Fri 11 June 2021
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Education vs. Training

In book "Management of the Absurd", Richard Farson argues that leaders cannot be trained, they can only be educated. He points out to important distinsctions between training and education (in human relations, at least): "Training, as we know, leads to the development of skills and techniques [which] don't work well …

  • Mon 15 March 2021
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Pull Smartsheet data into Google Sheets

This is a follow-up on this post. Since the time I published it, I've made a couple of improvements that I wanted to share here. First, I've started using Smartsheet reports as the data source instead of sheets. It's because there might be occasional changes to the underlying sheet (like …

  • Tue 16 February 2021
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Deep Work - My Five Cents

Cal Newport has made a strong case in his book for why deep work is valuable but rare. I was especially impressed by the arguments for why this type of activity is meaningful. For my part, I can say that when I manage to carve out several long blocks (at …

  • Thu 06 August 2020
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Synchronize Google Sheets with Smartsheet

Smartsheet is a powerful, spreadsheet-like tool. It helps to automate processes in your team. In my current company, we've been using it for years to support project management. Plans, issue logs, risk registers, project dashboards, task trackers - just to name a few examples of what we use Smartsheet for. However …

  • Tue 16 June 2020
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Making Gantt charts work

Using Gantt charts as a form of project schedule for fixed-price IT projects, I’ve encountered the following problems: To build a schedule, you have to put all the tasks in a specific order. It’s typically a finish-to-start dependency. However, this is not what happens sometimes. More often than …

  • Wed 08 April 2020
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The Median in Smartsheet

If you needed the median function in Smartsheet, but couldn't find it, don't get upset. That function, indeed, is not present among supported functions; however, there is the percentile function available in Smartsheet. And the good news is that the median is just another name for the 50th percentile. To …

  • Mon 02 March 2020
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Data visualization skills

As IT professionals, we deal with quantitative information quite a lot — on a daily basis, literally. Many of us present numeric data to colleagues: be it a report, forecast, or information dashboard. However, only a few possess the basic skills to present numbers well. Most of us have never been …

  • Fri 17 January 2020
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Personal finance dashboard in Google Data Studio

To better understand my expense habits and overall spending, I used to track my financial transactions in a mobile application. I would manually put data after each payment. I was doing it for a couple of years until I realized that it didn’t quite help me. First, since most …

  • Mon 28 October 2019
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Project Manager's Dashboard

When you manage several projects simultaneously, you have to switch context quite a lot. It's important to have a tool that helps update awareness of the current situation on a particular project. You need a dashboard. Information dashboard, when well designed, is a good means to update situational awareness at …