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  • Mon 28 October 2019
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Project Manager's Dashboard

When you manage several projects simultaneously, you have to switch context quite a lot. It's important to have a tool that helps update awareness of the current situation on a particular project. You need a dashboard. Information dashboard, when well designed, is a good means to update situational awareness at …

  • Wed 31 July 2019
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Project Retrospective Data

When you face a problem in your project, don’t get frustrated. Take another perspective: It’s an opportunity to learn, an opportunity to improve yourself or your team. Failure, however painful and stressful, is a resource, so embrace it. Of course, in order for problems to benefit you, you …

  • Thu 13 June 2019
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Schedules slip but are still helpful

As well known, human beings are bad at predicting the future. Having worked on different kinds of projects, I can say that engineers who are supposed to do the project work are reluctant to schedules. Their attitude is rather skeptical. Why trying to predict if the schedule will slip regardless …

  • Thu 13 September 2018
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Reviewing interim project outcomes

We failed to review one piece of the project with a customer before proceeding to the next step, not believing it to be necessary since the project was just beginning and actual deliverables were yet to come. The customer took some time to inspect a deployment model we prepared, because …

  • Wed 27 December 2017
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Publish Gantt chart from OmniPlan into Confluence

As many of us would agree, a project manager is responsible for a realistic project schedule. And Gantt chart is a tool that allows PMs to manage schedule in addition to coordinating a team's work. However, here's the challenge I encountered in my work: only PMs are the ones who …

PMP Exam Prep by Rita Mulcahy

Below is my summary on the "PMP Exam Prep - Eight Edition" book by Rita Mulcahy. I didn't read this book to pass the exam (still in my plans). I read it to understand the principles of the Project Management. And it helped a lot. Project Management Process Project life cycle …

  • Wed 22 June 2016
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Principles of PM: Project Execute and Finish Phases

My summary of the module 4 of the course "Principles of Project Management". The Execute – or doing – phase overview Basically the Execute phase of the project’s life cycle is where the Project Management Plan is put into action. 18 of 42 PMBoK processes fall into the two process groups …

  • Tue 21 June 2016
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Principles of PM: The Develop Phase

My summary of the module 3 of the course "Principles of Project Management". The Developing or Planning Phase Overview Why bother about planning? Potential risks, constraints and assumptions are identified allowing to smooth the project execution Helps measure the progress towards the outcome The better planning has been conducted, the …

  • Mon 20 June 2016
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Principles of PM: The Concept Phase

My summary of the module 2 of the course "Principles of Project Management". The Project Manager Role PMs are NOT the project owner that is the person or organisation paying for the project. Carrying out the day-to-day management of the project is what the PM is responsible for. 3 essential …

  • Sun 19 June 2016
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Principles of PM: Project Management Overview

My summary of the module 1 of the course "Principles of Project Management". Project vs Ongoing operations Projects are: one-off, temporary have specific start and end dates have limited resources involve uncertainty will implement change and create something unique – whether it is a new product, a new service or a …