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  • Thu 03 November 2016
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Pairwise testing

Problem: Imagine you're a managing a project where the constraints like scope, time, cost, and quality have been already negotiated and approved. At some point before the project start, it turns out that a customer wants to change the scope so that a number of test combinations goes significantly up …

  • Mon 22 February 2016
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A project manager test report

When you prepare a test report, think a bit of why you're doing it. Is this test report for your eyes only? If so, you probably don't need to read the rest of this article. Otherwise, ask yourself who the "end-user" is. In my example, the main consumers of test …

  • Wed 13 January 2016
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Test automation pyramid

As you might have heard, there is a test automation pyramid that shows multi-layered approach to test automation. I've always considered that picture as an end goal, while an inverted pyramid has always been a bad example. But what if you just joined a team that already developed an app …