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Finding Darwin's God by Kenneth R. Miller

  • Tue 24 August 2021
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A molecular biologist and Roman Catholic at the same time, Kenneth R. Miller, sets out to answer the question: Can evolution and God coexist? To begin with, he explains the basic principles of the evolution theory and provides some scientific evidence in support of its validity. Then, he goes on to refute the three main anti-evolutionary arguments of creationists and Intelligent Design adherents. The violent attacks of those are provoked, to some extent, by scientists themselves, whose materialistic explanation puts down everything spiritual and of meaning. The conflict between religion and science rests on the presumption, shared by both sides, that if the origin of life can be explained by purely materialistic laws, then there is no place for God. The author considers this presumption erroneous; there is no logical or theological reason to rule out that God could have used natural laws to originate species. Moreover, the unpredictable nature of quantum events suggests that science is incapable of mastering absolute knowledge of the world in principle, urging to seek explanations beyond materialism. As the author attempts to reconcile evolution with a religious worldview, several logical problems arise. For example, how could the cruelty of evolution be consistent with the loving God, as presented in traditional religions? Or how does one make the indeterminacy of the evolution processes compatible with a divine will? These and some other philosophical issues are addressed in the last two chapters. Kenneth Miller concludes that although evolution is deemed to threaten the traditional view of God, it should not really; to the contrary, evolution is the key to understanding our relationship with Deity.


Mindmap of the book published on XMIND

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